It doesnt matter what you lost...
Welcome to the Dead Renegades, a home for those who couldn't find one, family for those who don't have one, a reason for being to those who can't see one, and a way to get yours when you think there isn't one.

The Dead Renegades are a trade company devoted to the ambition and protection of those within its ranks. Individuals from all walks of life can be found within the seaside home of the company. From Thieves and Mercenaries. To Beauticians and Aetheric experts. If you have a passion. We can make use of it. Because talent should never be wasted.


  • Don’t be a dick.

  • -No malicious bullying or insulting of other members, constant guilt tripping or passive aggressive behavior.

  • -We will not accept having two FC members blocking each other, this will be sorted out by an officer or you may face removal.

  • -Do not make unwanted or unsolicited sexual comments towards other members.

  • Follow proper chat etiquette

  • -FC Chat is for IC comminucations only. The Linkshell is for OOC shenaniganry

  • -Please refrain from ERPing in public chat channels. Mistells happen, you will be mocked. But don't make a habit of it.

  • -Don’t hassle other players for things such as cash shop items, art, and crafted items, or to pass on item drops in dungeons/raids.

  • -Do not send people tells asking for or hinting towards ERP.

  • Follow RP etiquette

  • -There will be absolutely no godmodding.

  • -Ask for consent before injuring or attacking other characters.

  • -If player characters are to be killed in an event or similar circumstances, ensure that the officers are aware of this beforehand.

  • -No use of fantasias/name changes to change characters.

  • Keep OOC and IC separate

  • Expect IC consequences

  • Dead Renegades is a heavy roleplaying company; actions your character takes can and will result in IC consequences.

  • Dead Renegades is a lore abiding FC and expects characters to be lore adherent.

  • Please remember, as a member of DR-RP, that you represent the FC as you are wearing our tag. We prefer members to act accordingly! Please endeavor to keep your search information